Submission Requirements

What do I need to use to build my app? 

To be eligible for prizes, participants must build an app for Microsoft Teams that can be published into Microsoft’s AppSource app store.  You’re welcome to rebuild an app you’ve previously built for any other communication platforms, but needs to be a new Teams app that your company has created, not an update or previously published app.

All participants will be required to include their Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID)—create a free Partner Center account to get an MPN ID, test and publish apps.

How do I join the Partner Center?

Create an account for your organization. Learn what information you’ll need, including an organization email address, here.

How do I get an MPN ID?

If your organization is already part of the Microsoft Partner Network, then you can find your MPN ID in the Partner Center. Login and navigate to the Microsoft Partner Settings page. The associated MPN ID field is listed on the right side of the page.

When does my app need to be published?

You must submit for publication in AppSource before the final deadline on March 1, 2021 at 5pm ET. Submission review prior to publish typically takes around two weeks. During this time, you may only make edits required by the Microsoft team in order to be published. Only applications that are published will be eligible to win prizes so we encourage you to submit earlier than the deadline! Make sure to review the publication guidelines before you start building.

Do I have to upload a video?

No, the demo video is optional. However, a demo video helps ensure that all users can view and experience your app. The video will also be helpful to the panel of judges and will give you the opportunity to explain your approach to designing your application. You may create a screencast or use a handheld video camera to make your video, or choose any other method that demonstrates the application’s features.

Who is eligible to enter the competition?

The hackathon is open to legally registered corporations or organizations. 

We are a team of individuals that work for an organization. Can we enter?
Yes, but you must enter on behalf of the organization. Note that for all entries submitted with a valid MPN ID, the IP of the app needs to belong to an Organization (not an individual), and any prize associated with the entry is given to the Organization under which the MPN ID is registered.

Please review the Official Rules for complete eligibility requirements.

Do I retain intellectual property ownership?

Yes. By submitting an app to the challenge, you do not transfer any intellectual property rights to Microsoft or Devpost. Microsoft and Devpost will have the right to feature all apps entered in the competition for promotional purposes, however, the IP stays with the submitting organization. See the Official Rules for details.